Mocha Ice Bombs

Sweet or salty fat bombs? What are your favorites? For me, these mocha ice bombs are ridiculously sensational.

The mocha ice bombs are beautiful and incredibly sumptuous. I could not believe how easy they were. We were away on vacation at that time, as you can imagine, I had very little cooking equipment, no time.

It took me 10 minutes to make the mocha ice bombs, then a few more minutes to immerse them in the dark chocolate coating. At dinner time, they were ready to enjoy (and we did).


Mocha Ice Bombs:

240 g of cream cheese or mascarpone
4 tablespoons of sweetener powder
2 tablespoons cocoa without sugar
60 ml of strong coffee cooled

Chocolate Coating:

70 g of 90% melted chocolate
28 g of melted cocoa butter


Mocha ice pumps can be made in a food processor or in a mixing bowl using a hand blender.
Add the coffee to the cream cheese (or mascarpone) the cocoa and the sweetener.
Press or mix until smooth.
To shape the ice pump, turn approximately 2 tablespoons of the mocha ice pump mixture and place them on a parchment lined baking tray or plate.

Chocolate Coating:

Mix the melted chocolate and the cocoa butter together.
Roll each ice bomb into the chocolate coating and replace it in the lined tray/dish.
Place in the freezer for 2 hours, or until ready.


Recipe Notes:

The recipe in the book says that 12 ago, although I managed to make 15 with this recipe. Nutrition values ?? are calculated assuming you get 12. If you had to get 15, the carbohydrate values ?? would be lower.