Low Carb Chocolate Mason Jar Ice Cream

It is doubtless everyone know the low carb craze is today’s compulsion. Everybody want to find something having low calories and great taste. New flavors are discovered. People prefer to buy keto ice cream and often find empty shelves as it has taken already by others. It creates disappointment. The easy way  is to  make  it  home with easy  method  you  may  make 4 serving  in a little  time. It will save your time money and diet plan. This Low Carb chocolate cream ice cream is the solution against disappointment or replacing your choice with high carb, which is not acceptable.


If it’s the 4 servings, it would only be 9 grams of carbohydrates. You would definitely like to splurge 9 carbs out of a rich, degenerate dessert low in carbohydrates.

It will take only 5 ingredients or less than 5 minutes of your time to be prepared. You can make an unbelievable homemade ice cream without breaking the rules about carbohydrates. You need any simple equipment to make it happen. Get a wide-mouthed mason jar with a lid and that’s all.


  1. Thick cream ( 1 cup )
  2. Granular erythritol ( 2 tablespoons )
  3. Cocoa powder ( 1 spoonful without sugar )
  4. Pure vanilla extract ( 1 teaspoon )
  5. Chocolate chips ( 2 tablespoons without sugar )


Mingle all the ingredients in a mason jar as large as a pint. Cover tightly the Mason jar top and shake it as well for 5 minutes. That liquid in side becomes double in volume. It will fill the Mason jar. Time of freezing is for 3 hours. Now scoop it and enjoy it.